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ReportsUnlocking Project Insights: KiteSuite's Dynamic Reports Section
BurndownTracking work progress with KiteSuite's burndown project report
BurnupExploring KiteSuite's Burn-up report to check how you are progressing with your project work.
VelocityView velocity report for recent sprints with graph and tabular data, updated dynamically.
Cumulative FlowVisualize and manage team progress with KiteSuite's cumulative flow chart.
DeadlinesTrack item deadlines with KiteSuite's Kanban and Business projects.
LatencyIdentify inactive days in sprints with KiteSuite's Latency Report, available in graph and table formats.
Sprint Process TimeVisualize and optimize sprint efficiency with KiteSuite's Sprint Process Time report.
Item Process TimeTrack task durations in development stages with KiteSuite's Item Process Time report.
Assigned ItemsView item distribution by assignees in KiteSuite's Assignee Report, with detailed hover info.
Items With StatusesTrack item distribution by status with KiteSuite's Status Report.
Items With PriorityView item distribution by priority with KiteSuite's Priority Report
Recently Created ItemsTrack recent item additions with KiteSuite's Recently Created Items Report.
Resolution TimeTrack item resolution time with KiteSuite's Resolution Time report
Time Since ItemsTrack item creation, update, and resolution over time with KiteSuite's Time Since Items report.
Completed sprintsAccess details of completed sprints, including names, owners, start and due dates, and more.
Created vs ResolvedTrack item creation and completion with KiteSuite's Created vs Resolved report
Average AgeGain insights into average item duration across project stages with KiteSuite's Average Age report.