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View velocity report for recent sprints with graph and tabular data, updated dynamically.

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In the velocity report, you can view data for the most recent completed sprints. You have the option to export this report as well. Let's consider one example:

Before the sprint began, it had a total of 6 estimations. Once the sprint started, all items were completed, maintaining the same estimations. After completing the sprint, the velocity report appeared as follows:

Now, let's categorize the report into three sections: Graph Data,Tabular Data and Total 5 sprints.

Graph data

  1. On the Y-axis, you'll find the total estimation.

  2. On the X-axis, it displays the sprints.

The graph consists of two bars:

  1. Commitment: This represents the total estimation added before the sprint started, signifying the commitment of the sprint.

  2. Completed: It shows how much estimation the sprint has taken after its start and completion.

For instance, in 'Sprint-1,' if there were 6 estimations, and you completed the sprint with the same 6 estimations, both the Commitment and Completed bars would point to 6 estimations.

Tabular data

The same data is also presented in tabular form.

Total 5 sprints

Imagine you have successfully completed 5 sprints. The data is displayed in the graph and tabular format accordingly.

Now, when you complete the 6th sprint, the data is dynamically updated. The first sprint's data is removed, and the data for the 6th sprint is added, reflecting the most recent progress."

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