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Time Since Items
Time Since Items

Track item creation, update, and resolution over time with KiteSuite's Time Since Items report.

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This report helps you track the number of items created, updated, and resolved over time. You can also find this report in the Kanban and Business templates.

  • It provides a visual representation with item counts on the Y-axis and dates on the X-axis.

  • You can select the specific data you want to view—created items, resolved items, or updated items—using the field drop-down menu.

  • Consider the example for the "Created" option on the graph. On September 27th, a total of 20 items were created.

You can choose other options like "Updated" or "Resolved" items to view their respective data.

  • For "Updated" items, it includes items on which any activity has been performed. Even a small change to an item, like updating its summary, will classify it as an "Updated" item.

  • Here's an important point to note: If you complete an item today, it will initially appear in all three categories (Created, Updated, and Resolved). But if you make additional changes to that item on a later date, it will reappear in the "Updated" category based on the new date

  • "Resolved" items represent those that are marked as completed.

  • It's important to note that moved items are shown in all three fields (completed, resolved, and updated). For example, if you move an item from Project A to Project B, it will be counted in Project B as created, resolved, and updated items.

  • You can also view this data in a table format for a more detailed analysis.

Zoom-In & Zoom Out

To have a more closer and concise view Kitesuite offer you with zoom-in and zoom-out features.

Easy Export

you can easily download the report in JPG, PNG, PDF or print as per your requirement.

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