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Average Age

Gain insights into average item duration across project stages with KiteSuite's Average Age report.

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The Average Age report provides insights into the average number of days according to different stages within a project (Example To Do, Done, In Progress, Testing, Done, etc.)

On the horizontal line (X axis), it shows different users' lists working on the project. On the vertical line (Y-axis) it shows the average time duration a particle is assigned to pass the item in different stages.

Item stages are represented in different colors.

In the below list it is showing the time bucket, user “X” takes an average time of 170 days, 21 hours, 21m, and 58 seconds.

Time Bucket Iteration: The report iterates over a list of contiguous time buckets, which shows duration in Days, hour, mins, and sec.

Calculation of Average Age: For the beginning of each time period, the report calculates the number of unresolved issues within that period.

Zoom-In & Zoom Out

To have a more closer and concise view Kitesuite offer you with zoom-in and zoom-out features.

Easy Export:

you can easily download the report in JPG, PNG, PDF or print as per your requirement.

Report Description

You may check the description of the report simply by clicking on the report description button from top right.

Note: Only issues that are still open or have a resolution date within the date range displayed by the chart are included.

  • Issues that were resolved prior to the start date of the chart are considered closed and do not affect the report.

  • Issues created before the date range but still open are included in the report.

  • Open issues are counted with the days they have been open up to the current date.

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