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Resolution Time
Resolution Time

Track item resolution time with KiteSuite's Resolution Time report

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This report allows you to track the time it takes to complete items. You can also find this report in the Kanban and Business templates. It displays only resolved items, including both backlog and sprint items.

  • On the Y-axis, you can see the number of days an item is open, and on the X-axis, the date when these items are resolved is shown.

  • For instance, consider a highlighted bar where 4 items remained open for 40 days, and they were resolved on August 25th.

  • You can also access this data in table form for better visibility and analysis.

Zoom-In & Zoom Out

To have a more closer and concise view Kitesuite offer you with zoom-in and zoom-out features.

Easy Export

you can easily download the report in JPG, PNG, PDF or print as per your requirement.

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