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Completed sprints
Completed sprints

Access details of completed sprints, including names, owners, start and due dates, and more.

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In the "Completed Sprint" report, you can access details about all the sprints that have been successfully completed. When a sprint is finished, it appears in this report, which is presented in a tabular format. The report includes the following information:

  • Sprint Name, Sprint Owner, and Estimation:
    You can see the name of the sprint, the person responsible for it (Sprint Owner), and the total estimation, which is the sum of the estimations of all items in the sprint.

  • Start and Due Date of Sprint:

    The report displays the sprint's start date and due date.

  • Actual End Date and Late Days:
    This section shows the date when the sprint was actually completed. If the sprint was finished after the due date, it indicates how many days it was completed late, which is reflected in the "Completed On" column.

Detail of completed sprints

Clicking on a completed sprint's name provides more detailed information about that particular sprint. For example, if you created a sprint named "Sprint-1" with a start date of October 9, 2023, and a due date of October 15, 2023, and completed it on October 18, 2023, you can review these specifics by clicking on "Sprint-1" in the report.

To access more information and a detailed view of a specific sprint, simply click on the sprint's name. This action allows you to explore in-depth details and insights about that particular sprint.

It's important to note that the information in this report is view-only, meaning you can't make changes to it. It's a reference for understanding completed sprints and their details.

You have the option to export this report as well.

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