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Sprint Process Time
Sprint Process Time

Visualize and optimize sprint efficiency with KiteSuite's Sprint Process Time report.

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The Sprints Process Time report is a graphical representation of data, that illustrates the amount of time it took to complete items at each stage of development. KiteSuite provides you with easy-to-use and interactive color scheme to help you and your team to easy understand the performance of your team within each sprint.

This report adds value to your teamwork by visually representing the efficiency of your development process and identifying areas for improvement. It offers details insight into the amount of time taken for tasks to progress through various stages, enhancing your ability to evaluate and optimize your team's performance in each sprint.

Duration Spent (Hours)

The Y- axis represents time in hours, to display hour format. Each stage is represented by a line in different colors, showing the amount of time it took to complete a given stage. This feature help to easy visualize and compare of the hours spent in each development stage.


X-Axis represent the number of stages that each sprint has to go through. Each stage is represented in a different color, showing the amount of time given to complete each stage.

Stages represented in different colors as follows:

  1. Board tasks not started are represented in white.

  2. Board tasks that have started but are not yet complete are represented in skye blue,

  3. Board tasks done are represented in Green color,

  4. All other boards are displayed with random colors.

The timesheet is divided into four categories:

Status Name: This row represents the name of the stage (e.g., To do, In progress, Done, etc.).

Duration Spent: It shows the total number of hours spent in a particular stage.

Average Duration: This row displays the average of all items in a particular stage.

Total Item: It indicates the number of item has been completed in each stage of development.

Zoom-in & Zoom-out

To have a more closer and concise view KiteSuite offer you with zoom-in and zoom-out features.

Sprint Selection:

There is a sprint drop-down menu that allows you to easy select any specific sprint to check the details and progress of a particular sprint.

How it works:

To give you overview of the screen for quick understanding

Easy Export:

you can easily download the the report in JPG, PNG, PDF or print as per your requirement.

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