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Assigned Items

View item distribution by assignees in KiteSuite's Assignee Report, with detailed hover info.

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The Assignee Report allows you to view item distribution across your projects based on assignees. Here's how to use this report effectively:

  • Unassigned Items:

    Items that are not assigned to anyone are listed in the "Unassigned" bar.

  • Total Items:

    You can see the total number of items assigned to each user and how many of those items have been completed.

    When an item has multiple assignees, it appears in the task lists of all the assigned users. This option is only available in the Kanban, Business.

  • Hover for Details:

    By hovering over the bars, you can access more detailed information.

  • Tabular Data:

    The same data is also available in tabular format for a comprehensive overview.

You have the option to export this report as well.

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