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Created vs Resolved
Created vs Resolved

Track item creation and completion with KiteSuite's Created vs Resolved report

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To check your items created and completed time you can take benefit from KiteSuite created vs resolved report.

By specifying the user, team, or project scope, along with the desired dates, this report illustrates the correlation between created and resolved KiteSuite tasks over a designated period.

This visual representation offers insights into productivity trends over time and highlights whether all created items have been completed within the specified timeframe.

The report's show data according the selected timeframe, ensuring you stay informed about task progress and completion rates.

On the X-axis (horizontal line) you will see item count and on the Y-axis (vertical line) it will show the time period when the item got added and completed.

Users have the option to select duration from the drop-down (select from-to dates) to see data in the report. By default it will show monthly data added into the report.

Zoom-In & Zoom Out

To have a more closer and concise view Kitesuite offer you with zoom-in and zoom-out features.

Easy Export

you can easily download the report in JPG, PNG, PDF or print as per your requirement.

Report Description

You may check description of the report simply by clicking on the report description button from top right

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