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Manage profile: set status, edit info, add phone, and more.

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Easy management profile in KiteSuite. You can easily set your status to "Active," "Away," "and more." Edit personal information such as name, job title, and contact details. Add a phone number for two-factor authentication and change your email address as needed. There is an option for you to update your password and enable two-step verification for added security. Control email and browser notifications, set your time zone and language preferences, and a lot more.

In this article we dive deep into KiteSuite software for you to easily manage and control your profile data to effectively manage your personal and organization details.

To access your profile, click on "My profile."

Here, you can manage various settings:


Choose from "Active," "Away," "Do Not Disturb," or "Invisible" to display your status to other KiteSuite users.

Personal Information

You can manage your personal details in this section. This includes your name, job title, department, and contact information. You also have the option to edit your name, job title, and department as needed.


To enable two factor authentication user need to provide phone number.


Under email it will show you your current added email address and you can change your email account provided the required details.

Including: New email ID, and password.


You have the option to change your KiteSuite password if needed. To do this, you'll need to enter your current password and then set a new one. Please note that you cannot reuse passwords you've used before.


Enable two-step verification by entering your current password.

Notification Setting

you can control your notification preferences. If you wish to turn off email notifications, you can do so by toggling the switch.

Following settings apply to browser notifications, determining whether they are enabled or disabled.

Language & Region

Customize your time zone, language, date format, and time format.

Session History

View the devices, applications, IP addresses, and last activity of systems where your account is logged in. Log out of individual devices or log out from all other devices except the current one.


Choose your preferred theme, but note that themes are browser-based, not account-based.

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