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Single Sign on Integration with Okta
Single Sign on Integration with Okta

Seamlessly integrate Okta with KiteSuite for secure single sign-on (SSO) access.

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KiteSuite provides you easy integration with Okta so that you can enjoy easy and secure login with SSO for your entire organization’s members.

KiteSuite offers you SSO integration with Okta as your identity provider along with Google, and Microsoft that support SAML 2.0.

Supported feature

Service Provider-Initiated SSO:

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Everything you need to Integration Okta with KiteSuite

  1. You should have an Okta admin account.

  2. You should have an enterprise plan enabled with KiteSuite.

  3. Your workspace owner/admin should enable SSO for your Workspace.

Steps to link KiteSuite with your Okta account

  1. Go to your organization's Okta Admin Dashboard.

  2. Select the Applications option.

  3. Under Applications option select applications.

  4. Click on the Browse App Catalog button.

  5. Now, from the “Browse App Integration Catalog” use the search bar to locate KiteSuite.

  6. After clicking on KiteSuite it will redirect you to the KiteSuite overview page.

  7. From the overview page click on the button ”Add KiteSuite ” and from here you'll be directed to General Settings.

  8. Configure your settings and click Done.

Workspace Integration Setup

Follow the below steps to seamlessly integrate your Okta and KiteSuite accounts:

  1. Once you've added the Kitesuite app to your Okta account, click the Admin button (from the top-right of the User Dashboard) to access your Admin Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Applications > Applications and select the KiteSuite app.

  3. Under the Sign On tab, click Edit.

  4. Now, from your KiteSuite application, click on your profile icon from right menu> Go to Workspace setting >>from here click on Security, and select Okta in the Single sign-on section.

  5. Copy the Identity Provider metadata link from Okta.

  6. Paste this link into the Identity Provider metadata field in KiteSuite.

  7. Save metadata in KiteSuite.

  8. Click Authenticate with Okta to finalize the setup.

  9. Now, you will be redirected to Okta Sign In where you must sign in to complete the integration

  10. After signing in to Okta, you'll be redirected to KiteSuite Workspace Settings to manage your SSO preferences.

Sign in to your KiteSuite account with Okta

  1. Users will have an option to login with Okta (just below the mail and Password field) from the signup page.

  2. Clicking on the login with SSO button will redirect you to another page where you will ask to enter your SSO register email address.

  3. Once you enter your email address and if the email is already registered with KiteSuite it will ask you to login with Okta. Incase email is not registered it will show you an error that the email is not found. Please check the below screenshot.

  4. Now enter your KiteSuite credentials to continue using the KiteSuite application.

    After you enter your credentials it will redirect you to your KiteSuite workspace where Okta is enabled.

Managing Okta Account Linking

Users are required to link their accounts to Okta once an admin mandates Okta SSO.

In user settings, under Security & Permissions, users can:

  1. Click the "Okta" button to sign in using Okta and follow the steps mentioned above.

  2. "Unlink" to disassociate your account from Okta. Click on the button “”Don’t require SSO” and press the continue button from the pop-up to unlink your Okta account.

  3. To Re-link Okta SSO follow the same steps as link account to associate your account with a different Okta account if necessary.

Note: The "Link" button is unavailable if Okta SSO hasn't been successfully enabled in your Workspace.

View Okta users in KiteSuite

Admins can effortlessly identify users who have linked their Okta accounts to KiteSuite by following these steps:

  1. Click on your Workspace avatar and select Workspace Settings.

  2. From the Settings menu, navigate to Manage People.

  3. Users with an Okta icon beside their name have successfully set up SSO.

Enabling SSO from Okta to Multiple KiteSuite Workspaces

You can seamlessly access multiple Workspaces using the same Okta environment, or alternatively, utilize a Google or Microsoft environment. Here's how:

  1. Configure Okta SSO for one Workspace using the standard integration process.

  2. For the second Workspace, set up a Custom SAML application in your Okta environment to establish the connection.

  3. If SSO is required for both Workspaces, signing into your KiteSuite account will prompt you to sign into both Workspaces.

Note: Using the Okta option to switch between two distinct Workspaces isn't feasible as the Okta ID is linked to a single Workspace, users have to login again to switch into a different workspace.

Okta SSO API Data

When inviting individuals to your Workspace via Okta SSO, Please follow the steps below:

  1. The date joined value indicates when a user joined a Workspace or set up Okta SSO.

  2. The inviter is the user who enabled Okta SSO for the Workspace when inviting individuals to a KiteSuite Workspace via Okta SSO.

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