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Easy streamline your workflow by integrating your KiteSuite application with Google Calendar. With our seamless Google Calendar integration, you can effortlessly sync all your tasks, meetings, and deadlines in one centralized location.

Available Plans:

The KiteSuite integration feature is supported with all our free and paid plans.

The Google calendar integration empowers you to track your items/meeting according to date and time open items directly in the calendar. Manage your meetings effortlessly in KiteSuite and seamlessly sync it with Google calendar. Keep track of recently created items and meetings to easily share with your team.

How to Add Google Calendar to Your WorkSpace:

To add an integration, go to KiteSuite and click on the Integration button from the right menu from the upper right corner of your screen.

Select "Google Calendar" from the list of available integration options.

connected your Google account yet, follow the prompts to establish the connection. Make sure to grant the necessary permissions for seamless integration.

Once integration is complete you have to provide your availability hours and meeting start and end time along with title to create a meeting successfully with google calendar.

Note: For kanban and Business type projects the calendar screen is implemented in KiteSuite platform and to access this you don’t have to integrate. Nevertheless, to see your meeting in your calendar and to open your meeting with Google meet it is required you to complete the integration process before proceeding.

Two-way communication

Our Google Calendar two-way sync supports various fields, ensuring seamless data transfer between KiteSuite and Google Calendar.

Add/Edit Calendar integration in kiteSuite form:

Users have options to add multiple calendars with KiteSuite form. Also if the integration is no longer required there are easy steps to edit and remove the form integration.

Removing the Calendar Integration

To disconnect using Google Calendar, go to the integration page select Google calendar and click on the logout button.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact our support team. We're available 24/7

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