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Workspace Import-Export

Seamlessly Share Workspace Data: KiteSuite's Import-Export Functionality Unveiled!"

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Import/export functionality allows users to migrate and share project and workspaces’ data between KiteSuite, Jira, Clickup, and other custom CSV files.

Import Workspace

To import data into the current workspace. From the right menu select workspace settings. In workspace settings there is an option for users to select whether to import or export file, once user select import it will show two options (KiteSuite, and Jira) from where and how to import data into the project.

Upon selecting an appropriate channel it will show step-to-step guidance on how to import files from the selected channel.

Upload File

After the users get familiar with the steps, upon clicking on the next button it will ask users to add a file (file should be valid or it will show invalid file error). The added file can be removed if the wrong file got uploaded. After the file is successfully uploaded on the server it will show the status of overall items found in different categories (e.g. users, project, items, status, and attachments).

Setup Project Data

On clicking the next button it will show all project’s name, key, status, current type, target type and check box. Users can select target project type from (Kanban, Scrum, and business) to select project type in KiteSuite projects. All the selected project’s data will be saved in KiteSuite according to the selected project types.

User Sync

Now, on the next screen it ask user to sync Jira users with kiteSuite also if same users are not available there is an option for user to invite them in KiteSuite projects and by doing this all the task/activities assigned to those users will be save similarly in KiteSuite.

Set Tasks Data

Now users will ask to sync all the Issues type with kiteSuite to show how these should be shown in tasks.

Upon clicking the next button it will ask users to sync priority level according to the KiteSuite platform. And finally users need to set the task's current status according to KiteSuite or give a custom name on click on the save button it will show a message that the final export was successful. All the added tasks will be visible in the sprints, backlog and board screen.

Export Workspace

To export data from KiteSuite’s current workspace. In workspace settings there is an option for users to select whether to import or export file, upon click on the backup button it will take you to backup detail page.

Now, from the backup page, click “Create backup for cloud storage”

The backup file will show date and time when it was stored as backup, users can download the file for future reference or if they need to use it elsewhere, also can download the backup file.

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