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Google Sheets Integration with KiteSuite Forms

Google Sheets serves as a robust data management tool, facilitating data organization and seamless collaboration.

Integrating your KiteSuite forms with Google Sheets allows for automated forwarding of form entries directly to your spreadsheet. This ensures that new form data is instantly related to your spreadsheet, enabling immediate viewing and analysis by you and your team.

Note: Changes made within your Google Sheets spreadsheet will not impact the entries in your KiteSuite form.

Renaming column headings in Google Sheets may disrupt the integration. In such cases, it is recommended to re-establish the integration in KiteSuite to rectify the issue.

The addition of filters in Google Sheets may halt the automatic updating of your spreadsheet.

To address this, reapply the filters in Google Sheets to reflect the updates.

Unlike entry edits, inline edits in Tables won’t update entries in Google Sheets.

Integration Steps:

How to Add Google Sheet to Your Workspace:

From the KiteSuite application select forms from the left menu bar.

Click on the create from button on the top right corner from the form page.

From the form go to settings simply by clicking on the setting button from the top setting button.

Now click on the integration from the left section and select Google Sheet from the integration option.

Now link your account to integrate Google sheet with KiteSuite forms by providing your google account credentials. Once successfully integrated you can choose whether to create a new spreadsheet or utilize an existing one.

Configure the Google Sheets settings within KiteSuite and specify the desired spreadsheet and worksheet to utilize.

Select the form fields to be sent to Google Sheets and save your configuration.

Note: The Submission ID is automatically selected and cannot be removed. However, you can choose to show, hide, or remove it later within Google Sheets.

For Existing Form Entries:

To include your existing form entries prior to integration, activate the option to "Send existing submissions to the sheet.

Complete Integration simply by clicking on the finish button.

Edit/Remove Integration:

This streamlined integration ensures efficient data management and seamless collaboration between your KiteSuite forms and Google Sheets. In case you want to update your setting simply click on the edit button. There is an easy way to remove integration simply by clicking on the remove button.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact our support team. We're available 24/7.

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