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Seamless integration between KiteSuite and Mailchimp! Now you can effortlessly sync your mailing lists and track campaign performance, all within your KiteSuite Forms. 🚀

How to Add MailChimp to Your Workspace

Enable the Integration

Navigate to the right menu bar and select the "Integrates" option from the upper right corner of your screen.

From the integration options presented, select "Mailchimp."

Once you've selected Mailchimp, confirm your credentials to successfully setup the integration.

Now create a form with KiteSuite and set conditions on how you like to save data into your MailChimp account through KiteSuite forms.

How it Works:

With the integration set up, you can seamlessly manage campaigns and relay information between KiteSuite and Mailchimp. Edit your integration to fit your specific needs and watch as work is automated.

1. Select your MailChimp list:

Simply list your MailChimp list into which you like to add the information

2. Select Fields:

Now select the form fields you want to save data into your MailChimp account.

3. Confirm your Choice:

When you want to save form data into your mail chimp account there are two options: if the user selects always it will auto save data into the MailChimp and “only if user agrees” option is selected it will save data only when user checks the new letter option.

4. Update/Delete Integration:

Once the integration is complete the user will redirect on the complete integration page. On clicking on the edit integration button it will allow users to edit the integration settings. And to delete integration users can simply click on the remove integration button.

For more advanced use cases and assistance with custom integrations, explore our professional services options, including access to certified KiteSuite partners who can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Get started today and streamline your workflow with KiteSuite and Mailchimp integration! 🎉

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact our support team. We're available 24/7

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