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Track logged hours by date and user, and have thorough understanding on all assigned items.

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Timesheet Screen

All three templates have a ‘Timesheet‘ screen. When you first open it, it will be empty. In the timesheet, you will only see items that have had hours logged on them. 


For example, if there’s a user named ‘UserA’ who has logged hours on ‘Item_A,’ you will find ‘Item_A’ in the timesheet.”


At the beginning, as you can see, no hours have been logged for ‘Item_A.’ Now, let’s say ‘UserA’ logs hours for ‘Item_A.


After that, if you go back to the timesheet screen, you will initially see all the items for all users by default.


But if you want to see only the items that ‘UserA’ has logged hours on, you need to choose ‘UserA’ from the dropdown list.”


After selecting ‘UserA’ from the dropdown, you will only see ‘UserA’s’ items, and not items from other users. Here are some important points to remember:

  • The assignee of an item doesn’t matter; what matters is the logged hours by a user.

  • If multiple users log hours on the same item, that item will be displayed for each user based on their logged hours.


  • You can view the total logged hours for a specific date. For example, if ‘UserA’ worked on two tasks on September 20, logging 22 hours and 22 minutes on one task and 33 hours and 33 minutes on another, you’ll see a total of 55 hours and 55 minutes for ‘UserA’ on September 20.


Click on ‘Total Log Hours’ to access this information and view logged hours by item.


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